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Clinic Descriptions

Ground Control: Standard one or two day clinic covering basic body control and manner on the ground, moving toward a respectful relationship and bond with your horse; also a pathway to liberty. 

Long Reining: Standard one or two day clinic preparing your horse for under saddle, working on softness and obedience through the bridle, stopping, back up and collection.

Undersaddle or Ridden Clinic: Standard one or two day clinic applying the ground control and long reining on the saddle. Teaching different aids and body control exercises to be able to execute more difficult manoeuvres in the horse’s future such as lead changes etc. 

Colt Starting Clinic: 4 to 5 day clinic instructing a program which I use to start an unbroken horse.

Mixed Clinics:

• Two Day clinic of ground control and ridden.

• Three day clinic of ground control, long reining and ridden.

• Six day clinic of two days ground control, two days long reining and two days ridden.

Private or one-on-one clinics are also available.


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